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How We Work

We work differently from most companies on the market. We will not impose numerous meetings and presentations whose sole purpose is to estimate how much money you can ‘shake out’ from the customer. We do some of the work remotely to save your and our time. Due to 3D THRONE interface the client is 100% sure what his ‘smart home’ will look like before signing the contract.

Remote work:

  • we develop 3D demo based on your architecture (according to the plans of the premises);
  • we make specification and quotation of the project;
  • after approval by the client we offer the contract;
  • we develop project documentation, cable routing schema, the specification of the entire engineering ‘stuffing’.

On-site work:

  • we arrange shipment of the equipment with a minimum of intermediaries;
  • organize a team of certified electricians to work according to the project documentation;
  • we assemble the Intellectual System Controller Box;
  • we install your Smart Home system;
  • we configure and commission the system.

The Preparation Of a Proposal With 3D-demo and Price

Having received from you the plans of the premises, we will create a 3D demo and present a preliminary quotation of the project. You will see your smart home with a complete set of functions and a list of necessary equipment with the prices. ~ 1 week


Development of project documentation

Project documentation is the basis of any smart home system. It is a set of engineering documents that describe all the electronic ‘stuffing’ of the system and the method of its installation. ~ 1 month


Procurement of equipment

Sensors, controllers, actuators, meters and other equipment of smart home system specified in the Project documentation will be ordered and delivered at the best prices. ~ 1 month, in parallel with the previous stage


Installation, programming and commissioning

We lay the cable, assemble the Intellectual System Controller Box, connect all the actuators. Then we program the devices of the whole system. We connect the server and tablets. ~ 1 month, partly in parallel with the previous stage

Affirmed With
Equipment of
KNX Standard

days is average period
for installation of THRONE Smart Home.

From the first call of a client till comissioning.

Post-sale service

THRONE software has lifetime warranty. Warranty for equipment is determined by manufacturer and can range from 1 year to 3 years.

THRONE software can be updated: you can add new functions of the system, modify the architecture of the building, etc.

Call us to find out details of the service.

*Under the condition of unchanged configuration of the system. We cannot guarantee the work of THRONE with devices that were connected without our participation.

Require 3D Demo for your house!
Just send us the floor plans of your facility to and we will make 3D Demo and preliminary estimation.
For processing of your enquiery please leave your contacts and select a convenient time of our call.